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Assorted Blooms

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Ferns and Shade Plants

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Seasonal Bedding Plants

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Assorted Blooms

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Patio Plants

Choose from a variety of in-season perennials, annuals and herbs.

Why buy from us?

We hand select our plants to ensure we are selling happy and healthy plants

We buy in small batch.  This allows for fresh assortments

We only buy from growers that do not spray neonicotinoids



& Benefits

Avantgarden carries a variety of common houseplants and ones that are harder to find. Houseplants not only add beauty to the environment, but are healthy too!

Top Health Benefits Of Houseplants
  • Improving your mood.

  • Reducing fatigue.

  • Lowering stress and anxiety.

  • Improves focus.

  • Boosting healing and pain tolerance.

  • Minimizing the occurrence of headaches by improving air quality.

  • Easing dry skin and respiratory ailments due to dry air.


are always in season


Avantgarden is proud of the selection of succulents that we offer. We strive to bring you the most unique plants we can find every week.

Our succulent bowls and gift giving pots are always on hand!

Custom pot ups are done upon request.

Wedding and baby shower favors can be special ordered with two weeks notice.

We offer:

2'' Tiny Pots - $3.00

4'' Specialty Pots - $4.99

6'' Large Specimens - $16-25